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This video was made with voluntary contributions from The Faction's ensemble


The CoViD-19 global health emergency has given The Faction the moment to reflect on how we want to emerge from a shutdown theatre sector as a better company than when we went in.  We have used this time to evaluate and explore. We are a small to mid-scale organisation in receipt of no regular funding, this work has been undertaken on a volunteer basis by our whole organisation. We want to put these thoughts into practice in a way that is actionable and by which we can be held accountable.


These actions must directly address anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. The Faction has an unequivocal commitment to being a truly anti-racist company. We are listening to the advice about starting diverse, and this document has been drafted in collaboration with the whole company as it requires the collective participation of every company member. The Faction’s artistic directors acknowledge that the primary responsibility for the facilitation and delivery of these actions is on them. 

The commitments outlined here are where we will begin.


In our work, the process is at least as important as the presentation and the making of theatre is not only what you see on stage but every thought and conversation you have about every part of the process. This 'document' is also a process. 

These resolutions as a whole are ambitious, and we recognise the danger of over-promising and underdelivering
A lot of these actions require more resource and will benefit from and require partner organisations to deliver. But now is the time for system change and we actively encourage potential partners to get in touch.

This document will constantly evolve and, as we improve, the document will be redrafted. We will update these versions every four months when necessary  will always be available on our website in accessible forms.


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